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Elliott Environmental Drainage services both commercial properties and residential properties. Whenever something goes wrong with your drainage system, you can rest assured that we’ve seen its type before, and we know how to fix it. Our residential services include the following:

Blocked Drains

The most common drainage problem facing both homeowners and business owners. While residential drains are thankfully usually smaller and easier to manage than commercial drains, size doesn’t protect a drain from being blocked. And a large clogged drain is just as useless as a small blocked drain.

Sometimes drainage problems aren’t as obvious as you would imagine. For a drain that’s not immediately obvious, the telltale signs will be that of water seeping into the surrounding area: damp walls are a dead giveaway, and soggy, saturated ground is another likely indicator of a drainage problem. We offer services to help detect these hidden leaks and overflows in addition to solving the obvious drain blockages.

We’re proud to boast an honest and straightforward service. Our price is a fixed, one-time amount to solve your drainage problem, with no hidden fees or variable charges. Our goal is to do such a good job that will hopefully not necessitate another visit from us, but give you service that will have you calling us for any more unfortunate incidents.

CCTV Surveys

For finding drainage problems not usually visible to you, you need eyes elsewhere. We can provide a survey using CCTV in order to give you a detailed video look of what’s hidden beneath your house and around every corner.

While this can be useful for finding leaks that you’ve seen evidence for (water in the walls or saturating the ground), it’s even more useful to you as a prospective homeowner, before you’re responsible for the damage done by any leaks. We offer, and strongly encourage, you to take advantage of a CCTV survey when looking at a house to buy. This will let you see things that would render the house uninhabitable in the long term (or at least highly expensive) such as collapse or root infestation. Not only will we alert you of such flaws in the house, but we can present you with the video on a USB so that you’ll have it for future review and proof, should you need it.

Flood Response

When a flood strikes, time is of the essence. A quick response can mean the difference between gutting the house and merely having to replace some waterlogged objects. No matter when flooding strikes, we have a 24-hour emergency response to floods so that you don’t have to just sit and wait for help while your money goes down the drain (instead of your water).

Our emergency response team consists of a fleet of vacuum tankers ready to act at a moment’s notice. Not only can we suck up all the offending liquids polluting your property, but we specially certify our employees to be ready and able to tackle any flooding situation that could possibly happen. Our employees are trained to operate safely and cleanly in confined spaces, as well as trained specifically in hygiene in order to clean these spaces. This can help when cleaning such tight and flood-prone areas such as basements, or such areas that you absolutely need spotless, like your kitchen. No matter the area, you can be assured that it will be returned to working order as fast as possible.

In cases that concern oil, you may be concerned about the proper disposal of the harmful substances. Not only are our operatives trained in the proper handling of such cases, we also responsibly dispose of such liquids in accordance with government regulations to avoid as much pollution as possible in these situations.

Keep in mind if you own a home with a basement that because of their underground location, they are significantly more vulnerable to water damage. Gravity results in any nearby groundwater likely seeping into the surrounding material, and you also have to contend with the excess water that results from storm surges. However, the solution remains the same: day or night, contact Elliott Environmental Drainage for all of your flood response needs.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-Pressure Water Jetting has a variety of uses. Most commonly for us, it’s used to clear tough blockages using the extraordinary force of the water to simply force the blockage out. However, it is also commonly used for a variety of cleaning purposes. Surfaces are quickly scoured clean by the water, as easily as wiping a cloth over dust. In addition, pipes themselves can be scoured of rust and scale using the water jet, in much the same fashion as blockages are removed. The variable pressure of the water jet means that we can clean your surfaces like the concrete outside of your house and then increase the pressure to remove the tough gunk on the inside of your house’s pipes.

Keep in mind, although the prospect of high-pressure water jetting may sound simplistic, do not attempt to do it yourself. Even the relatively simple task of power washing your house’s surfaces can be incredibly dangerous to the untrained. We train all of our employees to properly operate the waterjet and to know what pressure levels correspond to the proper task. Leave the water jet to the professionals with the experience, the professionals at Elliott Environmental Drainage.

Sewage Treatment Plants

In order to make sure that your drinking water remains clean, we treat the waste water and surface water (that are sometimes mixed) before they go to their respective destinations. Some areas, however, collect surface water (the clean water) separately, so the duty to keep it clean falls to you, to not dump wastewater in surface water receptacles. For waste water, we have the plants to treat it, and service to pick up wastewater and transport it to our plants. We offer this service in both a one-time visit and an optional recurring contract.

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