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Commonly referred to as the most important part of your drainage network, a sewage pump station must be serviced to ensure they stay in full working order. As with any mechanical system, a failure to maintain a pumping station will more than likely lead to future breakdowns.

Pump stations are facilities used to collect and pump liquids such as surface water, wastewater and sewage away from areas where gravity drainage simply is not possible with the help of a sewage pump. This typically occurs in locations such as underground car parks, basements and blocks of flats.

Here at Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd, we are proud to provide exceptional commercial and domestic pumping station servicing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even offering emergency call-outs.


Our Pump Station Services Include:

As a company, we are also proud to boast access to some of the leading technology within the industry, and as we are continuously updating our fleet of vehicles, you can be sure you’ll receive a great service, including:

  • Ongoing maintenance for pump stations
  • Waste removal from main sewer
  • Pump chamber cleaning
  • Safe fat and grease removal from sewage systems
  • Sewage treatment plant installation

We’ll always be more than happy to help you with your sewage pump station needs. Make sure to get in touch with our team of specialists today to find out more about our pump station servicing.

Why Should a Pump Station Be Serviced?

A sewage pumping station plays an important role in locations where waste from a building cannot reach the main sewers by gravity alone. They are specifically designed to handle and transport effluent waste.

When waste builds up and reaches a certain point in the system, the sewage pump will lift it through a pipe system.

However, should this pump stop working, the whole process will fail, potentially causing floods, blockages and the entire system to break down.

Ensuring that your pump station is serviced regularly will not only reduce the likelihood of expensive breakdowns, but it will also extend the pump’s life expectancy, as well as increasing its efficiency, in turn saving you money in running costs and call outs.

Pump station cleaning is a key part in ensuring that your pump works well, and at Elliot environmental we have all the necessary vehicles and tools to assist you as efficiently as possible in London and surrounding areas.

How Often Should a Pump Station Be Serviced?

You should ensure that your pump station is serviced by our team at least every 6 months. This will ensure that there are no blockages or other problems developing with the system.

It’s important to note that you should always choose a trained expert to service your sewage pumping station. This is because a pump, as with all forms of electro-mechanical equipment, requires careful, calculated maintenance to ensure that it keeps working to its fullest potential for many years to come.

Find Out More About Pump Station Servicing With Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd

Here at Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd, we are proud specialists in the servicing of pump stations. It’s our company ethos to provide our customers with nothing but professional and competitive service that our customers across SE England, Surrey, Essex, London and Kent can trust time after time.

We have a team of highly trained engineers, who have years of experience in working with pump stations. In fact, as our dedication to business process and customer service is second to none, we have achieved many certifications, including ISO 9001, 14001 and various other globally recognised accreditations.

We can also offer our pump station service as either one-off cleans or as a part of a PPM contract. Our team will be more than happy to service your pump station, no matter what the size and they’ll ensure the highest hygiene standards are followed, to carry out both the emptying and maintenance of your pump station with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine.

Should you like to find out more about the pump station service we provide in London, or should you have any questions, then make sure to get in touch with a member of the team today. We’ll be more than happy to help and discuss the task at hand, no matter how big or small.

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Services:

Due to the recent changes in legislation and a further focus on environmentally friendly regulation, many of our customers are making the necessary changes from septic tanks to sewage treatment plants and pump stations. If you are looking for installation services, our friendly team can assist you with this and ensure that this process is as minimally disruptive and quick as possible. Once we have guided you through which sewage treatment plant to install for the building, we will be able to offer you short and long term maintenance services to ensure that the treatment plant functions as well as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewage Pumping Stations

What is a Pumping Station?

Sewage pumping stations which are also known as drainage stations is a large underground tank used for liquid waste removal from a development when there is no natural way of doing it. Usually it is removed by gravitational means, however a station uses pumps to draw the liquid waste which is then separated under pressure.

How Can I Find Which Authority Covers My Location?

You can easily find which authority covers your location online by heading over to https://www.water.org.uk/advice-for-customers/find-your-supplier/. All you need to do is simply insert your post code to find your local water supplier.

How Much Space Does a Pumping Station Take Up?

Pumping stations can vary depending on the size of the building as well as how far the waste water needs to be pumped. As a general guide, for a home with 1-3 bedrooms or for maximum 5 people, you should look at tanks with 750 litre tank volume. If you need help calculating where your new pump should be positioned, get in touch with our knowledgeable team who will be happy to assist you.

Do Pumping Stations Smell?

If they are positioned correctly, are the right size for the building, and are emptied regularly before the liquid becomes stagnant, no foul smell should be present from your underground wastewater system. If you can smell unpleasant odours from the station, ensure to get in touch with your local drainage professionals so they can assist you. When the pumps are installed, they are usually accompanied by suitable covers and ventilation so the unpleasant smell seeping out is kept to the minimum.

Are Pumping Stations Noisy?

Generally speaking, they are not noisy at all as the pumps are placed under the liquid level ensuring that they can function properly and silently. If you hear noise from your station, there may be an issue which needs to be addressed to ensure that it can function properly.

Are Pumping Stations Safe?

Yes, they are a very safe choice, and to ensure that accidents are kept to the minimum, they are installed with a locked cover which only the operatives can access when necessary. As long as the correct size is appropriately installed, they are a very safe solution for liquid waste. If the pump stops working, it could result in environmental pollution, and this can be avoided by regular maintenance of the equipment. 

Do You Offer Commercial Pumping Station Service?

We offer reliable and efficient commercial pumping station installation, service and repairs throughout the UK. We understand the importance of the correct functioning these stations hold for businesses and we guarantee little to no disruption for your business when we work on your drainage solutions. Our experienced engineers are experts in this field, and utilise the latest tools and tankers for your commercial wastewater solutions and offer the most budget friendly prices in the area.

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