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No matter what their size, any drain or sewer has the potential to become blocked. Whether that is down to a lack of maintenance or a one-off problem, blockages can cause huge disruption and expensive clean-up costs.

Like anything, drains and sewers need to be properly checked and maintained throughout the year. Failing to do so could cause you a vast number of problems including a build-up of debris, excess waste and blockages.

Here at Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd, we’ll be able to check your drain thoroughly and eradicate any debris and excess material that could potentially cause a blockage.

We’ll aim to fully understand the reason why the drain is blocked, as it will not only enable us to fix the problem but also prevent it from reoccurring. We won’t focus on an immediate fix; instead, we deliver a service that ensures the longevity of your drains.

Our fleet will provide an excellent service, which is cost-effective and completely suited to your needs and requirements, no matter how big the task at hand. In fact, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so make sure to get in touch today.



What Causes Blockages?

Your drainage system and sewers are only designed to take water from your toilets, sinks, baths and shower, along with human waste and toilet tissue. Everything else should be, without fail, put in the bin, otherwise, it could cause a blockage.

Typically, blockages are caused by;

  • Fat, oils and food leftovers solidifying in the pipes,
  • Wet wipes (even the flushable ones),
  • Sanitary items.

How Can You Identify a Blockage?

If there is a blockage in your property, it will be your personal responsibility to unblock it. The following signs may indicate that it is on your property;

  • Your neighbours haven’t experienced any problems with their drains,
  • You don’t share a drain with any other property,
  • There’s no other flooding in the local area.

Why Should You Get Your Drains Checked?

Commercial drains, in particular, should be checked regularly. This is because they may be holding corrosive and in some instances, toxic materials that need to be disposed of regularly and efficiently.

In fact, blocked drains can even halt the production of certain goods within manufacturing plants.

Ensuring your drains are properly checked will also be beneficial should you come to sell your property, whether it is commercial or domestic, as proving that you have had your drains cleaned can help with the resale value.

Our Drain and Sewer Service

Here at Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd, we are proud to offer both proactive and reactive responses to all of your drainage needs, ad we provide a range of other drainage services such as septic tank sludge removal.

Our company ethos is to provide our customers with a competitive, professional and trustworthy drain and sewer service, completed by our team of experts. We’re also proudly ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 certified, to give you the peace of mind that we’re dedicated to business processes and the standard of service that we offer you.

Over the years, we have also dealt with a range of sensitive sites, including gas and oil terminals, hospitals, rail depots and electrical distribution sites.

Should you require our drain and sewer service, or would simply like to find out more about dealing with a blockage, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs and requirements and provide you with a service you can trust.

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