Blocked Drains Dartford

Unfortunately regardless of size and shape drains always have the potential to become blocked. What does this mean for you? How will you unblock your drains? Our Blocked Drains Dartford service aims to take the hassle away from you as we will find the source of the blockage think of a plan to unblock it and then unblock the drain.

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What is a blocked drain?


A blocked drain happens when a form of material or debris blocks the flow of water within a drain. This can be caused by a variety of things and can sometimes go unnoticed for a few days. Once the drain becomes blocked especially in a commercial environment it has the potential to cause damage and create hazardous environments. We serve a variety of customers who have Blocked Drains in Dartford – our aim is to not only fix the problem but give you some advice on how to prevent the problem from happening again.


Common reasons for a blocked drain


There are two main types of drain indoor and outdoor – The most common type of blocked drain we deal with are ones that are outside. Drains that are outside have more chance of becoming blocked as the blockage can be caused by a build up of a variety of material and objects. These can take the form of dead leaves and occasionally the form of dead trees. If you have your drains inside your commercial premise the most likely cause for the blockage will come from products or material too big to pass through the drain which then causes the blockage. It is important to make sure that your employees know what they can and can’t dispose of through a drain.


Household Blocked Drains in Dartford


The most common causes for blocked drains within the household occur in the Kitchen, Bathroom or Toilet drain – similar to a commercial environment a blocked household drain is caused by flushing or putting something down into a sink or toilet that is too big to pass through. The main causes are often food particles, grease, and other debris. It is important to be mindful of what you put down your drains as sometimes objects which you think may pass through the train can cause a build up in something and block your drain.


Why do you need your drains checked


The reason you should get your drains checked and monitored on a regular basis is to prevent the potential for any blockages to happen. The main thing that we check is for any signs of buildup that could potentially lead to a blockage of your drain. The Blocked Drains Dartford service that we offer advises people to be careful and wary when flushing things down the toilet. With a blocked drain comes some nasty side effects such as damp and dirty smelling water, leaking walls and the potential damage to electrical fittings. Get your drains checked and prevent them from being blocked in the first place


Elliott Drainage Blocked Drains Dartford Service


Here at Elliott Drainage we offer a 24-hour emergency service so if your drain were to get blocked then we are here to help – We have over 30 years in the blocked drainage removal industry and have dealt with many blocked drains in Dartford. We improve our fleet regularly and are iSO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accredited which means we provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction.


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