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At Elliot Environmental Drainage, we’re experienced in taking care of all of your commercial drainage needs. We offer a wide range of services in order to cater to your business necessities:

Blocked Drain Clearing London

We offer both solutions for your blocked drains and proactive measures to help prevent any future blockages. Blocked drains come in many different forms and can necessitate a different focus depending on the business, but you can count on Elliot Environmental Drainage to tackle your drain blockage regardless of your business’s focus, as we are experienced with food distribution centres as well as locations that require more finesse such as hospitals and electrical distribution sites. Additionally, since a blocked drain can lead to significant disruptions to your business, we are available for round-the-clock emergency service as well as our regular hours.

CCTV Surveys London

Most often reserved for when something goes wrong, a CCTV survey can help you get a closer look at what’s happening outside of your line of sight. We can show you where site drainage is good and if there are any broken pipes or drains on your property so that you can avoid nasty surprises that can hurt your business.

Confined Spaces

There are many hazards to working in the confined spaces that drainage systems commonly are found in. All of our workers are trained to work in such conditions and utility authorised so that you can entrust such perilous work to professionals.

Culvert Cleaning London

We are highly experienced in cleaning and surveying culverts so that they perform their intended function should a large volume of water need to be quickly diverted. In a case of flooding, it is best to have a qualified and experienced professional maintain any culverts around your property.

Fat and Grease Trap Maintenance London

Fat and grease are the bane of drainage systems in many food production or preparation facilities. Traps help to keep grease and fat out of your drainage system, but need to be maintained in order to avoid their failure. We offer both one-time grease trap cleanings and extended contracts so that you can have staff trained in the proper hygiene standards on hand to empty out your grease traps and avoid drain blockages.

Flood Response London

These are the classical emergency situations that you need a service like ours to be on call for. We have emergency lines open at all hours so as to make sure that you are suffering a flood for as little time as possible. While bad for a homeowner, a business owner loses revenue every minute that flooding stops the regular flow of the workplace. We can quickly pump out all the intruding water, clear the drains, and dehumidify the interior of your property to return it to normal working order, as fast as possible.

Gully Cleaning London

Yet another aspect of keeping your drainage system clear, cleaning out the gullies on your property can help to ensure that walkways and roadways remain clear. Cleaning them also improves the overall look of the property while simultaneously helping to keep the area dry and customer-friendly.

High-Pressure Water Jetting London

This practice is usually reserved for clearing blockages in drains and chambers. The burst of water clears the obstructions and wipes away anything else in the pipe as well. The extreme power that comes with the water jet requires that a trained professional administer the treatment to your drainage system so as to avoid injury to you or your employees. In addition to clearing your pipes, high-pressure water jetting can clean them by scrubbing away hard deposits that form over prolonged use. For this type of long-term maintenance, we offer contracts as an alternative to our one-time service for simple drain clearings.

Interceptor Cleaning London

Interceptors are vital to controlling where your business’s liquid waste flows. Preventing any unwanted discharge into improper waterways, a well-maintained interceptor can help you to drain waste into the channels you designate, and only those channels. However, proper maintenance of your interceptor is vital. A poorly maintained interceptor can be prone to blockages and overflow, incurring fines as a result of polluting local waterways unintended for waste liquid.

For large interceptors, cleaning and repair often involve entry into the interceptor. Since all of Elliott Environmental Drainage’s employees are certified to work in confined spaces, this isn’t a problem for our experienced teams. However, be wary of hiring other companies or having your own employees attempt this maintenance since the added complication of working within a confined space can have unforeseen problems for inexperienced attempts at repair and cleaning.

Pump Station Servicing London

When gravity isn’t an option for draining unwanted liquid from a location, you need a pump station. This is usually for underground facilities. Our employees are trained to properly follow hygiene protocol and work efficiently when maintaining your pump station so that you have a clean, functioning pump as quickly as possible.

Tanker Services London

Anything you need a tanker for, we can provide. We have a fleet of tanker vehicles to put at your disposal for any sort of drainage or liquid waste needs. Not only can we transport waste that is either hazardous or non-hazardous, but we can have it disposed of at a licensed facility.

Tunnel Cleaning London

Tunnels are becoming ever more integral to infrastructure in order to conserve space. Thanks to gravity, tunnels are under constant threat from water seeping in, both groundwater and storm water runoff. However, tunnels and the infrastructure they house are built to weather wet conditions, given their constant exposure. What they do not stand well, is standing water. As well as interfering with the infrastructure in the tunnels, standing water prevents maintenance crews from servicing anything until the water is removed. That’s where we come in.

In addition to being certified to working in confined spaces, our teams have the equipment and expertise necessary to drain any tunnel of water and sludge so that maintenance teams with more specific training can help to repair and maintain the infrastructure within. When you need the way to your tunnel mechanisms cleared, call Elliott Environmental Drainage.

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