Drainage Companies Kent – Why pick Elliott Environmental?

Here at Elliott Drainage, we have over 30 years of industry experience and in that time have been able to develop our business processes to ensure that we are able to offer some of the best Drainage Solutions that Kent has to offer. It is important to do research into any company that you are going to start a domestic or commercial business relationship with. This post is here to provide you with a bit of background knowledge into the services that we offer here at Elliott Drainage and hopefully answer any questions that you may have for us regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your drains.

If you have any immediate questions that you would like to ask the Elliott Drainage team then please get in touch today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have!

Drainage Company Kent Fleet


Why pick us as your Drainage Company in Kent?

Something that we are extremely proud of here at Elliott Drainage is the constant development and replenishment of our fleet of trucks. We constantly upgrade our trucks so that our entire fleet has the latest equipment needed to provide an exceptional drainage service to you, the customer! We appreciate that drainage cleaning is not the most exciting task in the world but it is something that is extremely important, especially within commercial environments – We understand the need for effective and high-quality drainage solutions and because of this have ensured that we are compliant to a variety of government standards and are iSO 9001 and iSO 14001 certified showing our complete dedication to two things. Firstly, transparency and business processes – secondly, ensuring our service not only meets customer expectations but exceeds them!

What should you look for in Drainage Companies?

Let’s face it we would all rather not have to worry about our drains becoming blocked or a grease trap not performing effectively but in reality, these can be big problems. Something that people often forget is that these blockages and problems can occur at any point in time and cause some serious problems for businesses and sometimes stop production lines. Something you should always look for in a Drainage Company be that in Kent or anywhere else is the availability of that company. Your grease trap could malfunction at any time and when you least expect it! We offer a 365-day 24-hour emergency service to all customers and pride ourselves on being able to be there for you and your drainage problems no matter what time it is! Something else that is extremely important to look for in a drainage company is how the pricing works. Some Drainage Companies in Kent may add on charges which you had not expected, leading to a hefty bill that you were not anticipating. We are proud to offer a free fixed quote service ensuring you know how much things will cost and can plan ahead.


Drainage Company Review


What do our customers have to say?

We always welcome our customers to provide feedback so that we can learn and adapt from any mistakes and make sure the drainage services we offer are the highest standards in Kent! We are extremely pleased by the comments one our customers had to say about the service they had received. You can check out the review below:

“We were very pleased with the performance and the professionalism of the staff whilst carrying out the maintenance and being on time and managing to complete the works within the timescale given. Their H&S was very satisfactory and managed to separate the public from their working areas in a number of high footfall zones. Their daily reporting was good and kept the building managers up to date on progress. We would also like to thank the team for going beyond what was expected of them when clearing drains which have been blocked with concrete and other debris. We would like to thank you and your engineers for a great service”.

We hope that this post has given you a bit of insight into who we are, why you should use us and what to look for when you are deciding on a drainage company in Kent. Please get in touch today for a free fixed quote and we will be happy to help!




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