Gully Cleaning Essex – A Handy Guide

What is a Gully?

Gullies are drain grates, that you’ll usually see in the gutters on the side of the road. They’ll take away all the rainwater from the road and into the drainage system underground. Gullies may also be known as ‘interceptors’. They’re usually found on roads and highways, in car parks and airports and also as a drainage tool in any areas where excess water can build up. They can often get clogged with fallen leaves, litter and grit. It’s important to make sure that this is removed to prevent any flooding.

What is Gully Cleaning?

When a gully becomes full, it’ll need to be cleaned and maintained, so that the interceptor can work as intended. Here at Elliott Drainage, we use a gully sucking truck, which is more commonly known as a Gully Emptier. This is a tailored and specialised type of truck, which has a suction gear, to suck the debris, wastewater and mud that’s causing the blockage. Failing to have a gully checked and serviced can potentially cause a variety of problems, especially to a commercial environment, where it could halt up the production of certain products and goods.

Once we have cleaned the gully thoroughly, and all the debris has been removed, we will be able to jet wash it down. This jet washing will ensure that any debris left behind will pass through and out the gully.

Why is Gully Cleaning Needed?

It’s important to regularly have your gully cleaned out to ensure that it keeps on working correctly and won’t cause any problems in the future. We understand that gullies are designed to prevent any large amounts of debris from passing through, though sometimes this fails. Gully cleaning will remove these and help to maintain the overall lifespan of the gully and prevent any future floods from happening.

Failing to keep a gully clean and clear, could lead to waste being held in the gully and then overflowing into the watercourse or local authority drains, which could possibly lead to huge fines, prosecution and costly clean-up costs.

If you’re looking to have a gully cleaned and would like to find out more about the service we provide, then please be sure to get in touch with a member of the Elliott Drainage team today.

Why Choose Elliott Drainage for the job?

Here at Elliott Drainage, we are committed to finding the best and most consistent level of service that we possibly can – we are proud to show this through achieving a variety of competency certifications such as the iSO 9001, 14001 and the OHSAAS 18001. Therefore, this means that for you, the customer, you can rest assured that when using us as an interceptor cleaning company, we will achieve the results you expect and then continue to offer a standardised service.

In addition to our conformance to the industry standard certifications, we also consistently update and upgrade our fleet of trucks and lorries so that they are all equipped with the latest, cutting edge technology. Therefore, we are able to offer our interceptor cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the London and Kent area. We are also able to provide Pay Per Month contracts to help you to conform to the Environmental Agency Regulations.

Our Pay Per Month contracts will ensure that your company comply with the Environmental Agency Regulations, which is an essential part of interceptor management.

Who is Elliott Drainage?

Here at Elliott Drainage, we have over 30 years of experience within the gully cleaning industry and in that time, we have worked in a huge variety of environments, dealing with a variety of blockages and problems, so you can rest assured that we’ll have the right amount of experience and we’ll be fully capable at dealing with blocked gullies. If you’re looking for a professional company to sort out your blocked gullies in Essex and carry out high-quality gully Cleaning in Essex, get in contact with us here at Elliott Drainage today.

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