Gully Sucking – All you need to know

A gully is commonly referred to and known as a concrete pot that is located under the surface of a road. Gullies play vital roles in ensuring the successful flow of water from roads and pathways and helps to prevent masses of surface water from causing any problems to the general public. Gullies like anything have the ability to become blocked and when blocked can cause a variety of problems in commercial and domestic environments. Here at Elliott Drainage, we have state of the art trucks that provide our workers with the needed tools to provide a service that goes above and beyond and gets rid of any problems presented from Blocked Gullies. This post is here to explain what exactly gully sucking is, why it is important and why you should consider using Elliott Drainage for your Gully Cleaning needs.


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What is Gully Sucking?

A gully sucking truck or commonly known as Gully Emptier is a tailored and specialised type of truck. This type of truck has suction gear on board which sucks the debris, wastewater and any mud that may be causing problems or causing the gully to become blocked. Gully sucking prevents any flooding from occurring in both domestic and commercial environments. Failure to have your gullies checked and serviced regularly can cause a variety of problems to commercial environments. This can then potentially halt up the production of certain products and goods. Once the Gully has been cleaned and sucked by the truck we will then drive to a suitable disposal point to ensure that the wastewater and mud are disposed of correctly. Once the waste and debris has been removed we will then be able to jet wash the gully if needed. The jet washing will ensure that any debris left behind will pass through the gully.  Most of the time Gully Sucking happens as part of a maintenance and monthly cleaning procedure, however, we will happily reactively clean the gully to prevent any problems and failure occurs.


Why do you need Gully Sucking?

It is important to get your gully cleaned and sucked regularly to ensure that the Gully is working correctly and will not cause any problems for you. As mentioned once the gully has successfully been cleaned we well then use high-pressure water jets to double check that the gully is fully functioning order. We know that Gullies by their nature are supposed to prevent any large amounts of debris from passing through but this, unfortunately, does sometimes happen. Gully sucking helps maintain the lifespan of your gully and prevent any potential floods from happening.

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Who are Elliott Drainage?

Elliott Drainage offers a 24 hours a day 365-day emergency service to all customers so that we are always on hand to help with any problems that you may experience with your drains. We are proud to offer free fixed quotes to all of our customers with only the best guaranteed for our customers! We are also iSO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited showing our dedication to business processes. We constantly update our fleet of trucks so that the standard of service we offer is the same with every visit.

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