What is Drain Cleaning? – Why you need to know!

If drain cleaning were something we all enjoyed there would be no problems with drains, unfortunately, drain cleaning is one of the most tedious and dirtiest things that homeowners have to go through. Sometimes shop bought products are enough but often blockages can become pieces of mass and will require the help of a trained liquid waste specialist. Just look what happened in London to the Fatberg it got international coverage and was even put on display in the Museum of London. This is a very extreme example but the problem remains, failure to treat drains properly and clean them can cause a lot of problems. This article is here to explain what exactly Drain Cleaning is and why it is important for you, your home and your business environment.

If you have any questions about a blockage that you are experiencing or would like to find out how we could help then please get in touch with a member of the Elliott Drainage team today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have.

Why should you care about your drains?

Drain cleaning is something that should be taken extremely seriously, a lot of grease, food and other substances pass through our drains on a regular occasion and failure to look after these can cause a whole heap of problems. First, and foremost an uncleaned and unmaintained drain allows things to pass through a lot slower, not only is this an annoyance but it is your drain telling you that it is time to take some action before things get worse. It is important you know what to reach for to help you and what can potentially damage your pipes, nowadays there are a lot of harsh chemicals out there that are marketing themselves as the best drain cleaner but in reality, some of these could be doing more harm than good. Using corrosive and harsh chemicals can actually have the adverse effects on blocked drains and cause pipes to become corroded and damaged. This is particularly important within commercial environments and production plants as you are most likely already producing some waste product that has the potential to damage pipes so pouring more acidic and harmful liquids may make things a lot worse. Failure to clean your drain may result in severe blockages occurring causing a halt in your commercial environments production line and can come with a hefty cost. It is important to have your drains cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

How to avoid Blocked drains?

There are a variety of ways to avoid blocked drains, some easy and some that require a little more thought – in the long run, this will potentially save you a lot of money and will allow us to easily fix any problems if they arise. Below are some steps that you can follow!

Domestic Environment

  1. The best way to avoid blocking your drains is to be very careful about what you put down your drains. When rinsing plates be sure to remove any big pieces of food from the plate so that this does not travel down into your drains.
  2. The first sign of any bad smells or slow water passage through your drain, take action and use a drain cleaning product or give us a call.

Commercial Environment

  1. Be very careful when it comes to the waste products produced through the production of any goods or materials. Ensure that all workers are trained on how to deal with any material that is likely to block your commercial drains.
  2. Outline a process for employees to follow so that everything runs in a streamlined manner with no chance of the drains becoming blocked
  3. At the first sign of a blockage or problem give one of our Drain Cleaners in Kent a call and we will be able to tackle and fix the problem before it gets any worse.

Who are Elliott Drainage?

Elliott Drainage have over 30 years of experience within the liquid waste industry and in that time we have worked in almost every environment and have seen a variety of different blockages so rest assured that we will be able to help with any drain blockages you are experiencing. The main point to remember from this post is that being proactive towards your drains will ensure that the lifespan of pipes and the drains themselves will be expanded allowing you to not have to worry about the drains and means that you will rarely have to fork out large sums of money to fix and maintain the drains.

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