Gully Cleaning in East Sussex

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The team at Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd has more than 50 years’ experience providing quality gully cleaning services throughout East Sussex. We understand the importance of maintaining drainage systems and are available 24-hours a day to support customers with clearing and unblocking their gullies. No matter where in East Sussex you happen to be based, from Crowborough to Eastbourne, we’ll provide the industrial, commercial, or domestic gully cleaning service you require. To request a free, fixed quote, call 01303 814478.

Gully cleaning services in East Sussex

Gullies are an important element of road drainage systems that direct water into the sewage network, rather than allowing it to gather on the surface. Allowing sediment and debris to build up within these concrete channels will hinder their effectiveness and may even lead to issues such as flooding if left unaddressed. Our team uses the latest equipment, such as powerful vacuums and high-pressure water jets, to carry out a thorough, five-star cleaning service with minimal disruption. From the moment we arrive on site to diagnose the issue until the successful completion of the job, your gully will be in expert hands. Our approach is highly efficient and cost-effective.


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    Gully sucking in East Sussex

    Sucking away sediment is one of the most effective means of clearing blocked gullies. Our trucks are equipped with top-of-the-range suction gear so that any built up deposits or standing water can be cleared with ease. Removing these blockages will restore the functionality of the road gully, preventing further issues. After the gully has been suctioned, we will jet wash the channel to ensure that any remaining debris is cleared. Finally, as responsible contractors, we will transport any waste after the completion of the job and will ensure that this is disposed of at a suitable disposal site.

    The importance of maintaining gullies

    Gullies are an important but often overlooked aspect of drainage. In fact, most people are only made aware of them by the gate that blocks the opening. Nonetheless, they play a key role in preventing flooding and a blocked gully will cause water to pool on the road surface rather than disperse via the sewage network. This can create unsafe driving conditions, and drivers will need to slow down and accommodate longer stopping distances in order to minimise the risk of aquaplaning.

    Blocked drains and gullies also lead to unpleasant odours and, if left unresolved, further issues. Allowing the gully to become damaged or the road to remain flooded can lead to lasting problems with their performance. These issues can require costly maintenance, causing disruption to road users and pedestrians that could have been avoided.


    How do gullies get blocked?

    Because gullies are built into the road surface, they will naturally collect mud, sediment, and debris that are left behind by passing traffic. Overhanging trees can also drop leaves and twigs onto the road that block the iron gate covering the gully and prevent water from draining through. Litter and other manmade items can also make their way to the roadside, causing an unwanted obstruction. During periods with particularly heavy rainfall, all this debris can be carried towards the gully, overloading the system and leaving stubborn blockages in place.

    Why choose Elliott Environmental Drainage for gully cleaning?

    Customers throughout East Sussex have chosen Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd because of our customer-first approach. We’re the right choice for gully cleaning services because:

    • Our 24-hour hotline ensures that an expert is always on the other end of the phone. When you need professional support, we ensure that it’s easy to contact a member of our team and receive the response you require. We can react to drainage issues throughout East Sussex.
    • Each of our vehicles is equipped with all the equipment they need, ensuring that they arrive on site ready to provide the right solution. Our fleet is also tracked, allowing us to identify and allocate the nearest available vehicle so that wait times are minimised.
    • We continue to invest in our vehicles and equipment so that we are providing the best possible service. Whether this means more thorough results or increased efficiency, we are consistently improving our gully cleaning services.
    • Our team has more than 50 years of experience to draw upon. This gives us the skills to handle any domestic, commercial, or industrial drainage job, providing a highly cost effective and resilient solution. If you need support, we can always help.
    • Our responsibilities to the environment, public, and each other are never overlooked. We take health and safety and compliance seriously, being members of FORS, SSIP, CHAS, Constructionline and SafeContractor. We are also ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 accredited.

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