Gully Cleaning in Surrey

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At Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd, we hold over 50 years of experience in providing five-star gully cleaning services to customers in and around Surrey. With a hotline open 24-hours a day, we are always contactable. Whether you are in need of industrial, commercial or domestic gully cleaning services, you can depend on us. From Woking to Lingfield, we deliver reliable solutions through a professional and competitive service. Find out how we could help you in Surrey by calling us on 01303 814478.

Gully cleaning services in Surrey

Keeping gullies clean is highly important, and luckily it is our expertise. We carry out gully cleaning in Surrey to prevent and remove blockages that could otherwise lead to additional, damaging consequences. By keeping our fleet of vehicles updated, we can confidently provide a service which is unparalleled. We use top of the range technology, including powerful vacuums and high-pressure water jets to deliver lasting results. From diagnosis through to completion, you can trust that we will clear your gully in Surrey by use of the most cost effective and time efficient service possible.


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We provide free, no obligation quotations for our industrial, commercial and domestic gully cleaning services in Surrey. Our quotes are fixed, with no hidden costs. Talk to us about your Surrey gully cleaning requirements to obtain your free quote. You can call us on 01303 814478, send us an email at or fill out our contact form.

    Gully sucking in Surrey

    Our gully sucking trucks are tailored with a suction gear on board. With this, they are able to successfully remove debris, wastewater and mud out of Surrey’s gullies to restore the drain to its original function. Once the blockage has been removed, we will transport and dispose of it safely at a suitable disposal point. A follow-up jet washing will ensure that any stubborn, remaining debris is removed and passed through the gully.

    The importance of maintaining gullies

    Gullies are located at the side of the roads across Surrey, and therefore have an essential factor in the safety of its road users. Blocked drains are commonly known for the odours that linger around them, but the repercussions could introduce danger to the roads. Without the ability to drain away, water can begin to pool, creating unsafe, slippery road surfaces. In these conditions, Surrey’s drivers will be required to navigate the road with increased stopping distances and slower speeds. One small mistake could lead to the harm of drivers, passengers or even pedestrians.

    Regularly maintaining the gullies on the side of Surrey’s roads will not only create safe journeying throughout the county, but also reduce costly work from being required in the future. A build-up inside of a gully can prevent it from functioning as it was designed to, and if left to sit over an extended period of time, could lead to lasting damage. Maintenance can prevent costly repair work, and elongate its lifespan.


    How do gullies get blocked?

    Due to their placement roadside, gullies are prone to receiving mud, water and other debris which can spin off of the wheels of vehicles, or get pushed aside by the same vehicles. In most cases, this will be the cause of a blockage. Heavy and intense rainfall in Surrey can also overwhelm gully drainage systems, filling them with an overload of water, as well as washing additional debris such as leaves, twigs and general waste.

    Why choose Elliott Environmental Drainage for gully cleaning?

    At Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd, we pride ourselves on putting our customers in Surrey first.

    • With a 24-hour hotline, we are always contactable. Whether you are looking for advice or emergency assistance in Surrey, we will be available for you and able to provide reactive responses when required.
    • All of our vehicles are fully equipped and ready to combat a range of drainage operations. They are also tracked, allowing us to dispatch the nearest available unit to the location in Surrey where it may be required.
    • We are always updating our vehicles and equipment, using advanced technology to ensure that we provide premium gully cleaning services across Surrey.
    • With over 50 years of experience, we are able to provide industrial, commercial and domestic drainage solutions in Surrey to the highest standard, utilising the most cost-effective approach.
    • We take our responsibilities to the health and safety of our staff, Surreys residents and visitors and the environment seriously. As a business, we are ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accredited. We are also accredited to a number of organisations including: FORS, SSIP, Chas, Constructionline and the SafeContractor scheme.

    Talk to us about your gully requirements

    For more information on our gully cleaning services in Surrey, or to talk to us about your requirements, get in touch. You will be able to speak directly to a professional who will be able to provide you with tailored advice, or a bespoke service. Give us a call on 01303 814478 or send us an email at

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