Gully Cleaning in West Sussex

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A gully is intended to stop flooding on roads, collecting water and transferring it to a sewage network. They are comprised of a concrete pot which is below the road surface, and covered by a metal grate. Our gully cleaning services in West Sussex are of the highest standard, ensuring that gullies are free of debris and sediment so that they function at their best. Our team at Elliott Environmental Drainage have more than 50 years of industry experience under their belts, ensuring that we provide your gully cleaning in West Sussex efficiently. We have 24-hour services, meaning we can provide gully cleaning in an emergency should you need it. We have provided our gully cleaning all over West Sussex, in areas such as Kirdford and Fernhurst. If you’d like to talk about our services with the experts or enquire about gully cleaning, give us a call on 01303 814478.

Gully cleaning services in West Sussex

It is important that gullies are kept clean, as a build-up of dirt and sediment could lead to them becoming blocked. Regularly cleaning gullies ensures that a build-up doesn’t occur, which prevents drainage problems and a possible premature replacement. In our gully cleaning service in West Sussex, we use advanced technology, combining high-pressure water jets and strong vacuuming to remove any blockage within the gully. We have a high attention to detail in our work, so once the gullies are cleaned, we also ensure that any debris, mud and the groundwater is drained and cleaned away.


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If you’re wondering what our past customers think about our gully cleaning in West Sussex, we have so many reviews from them that can convince you that we are the team to carry out your service. Our gully cleaning is effective and seamless.

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    Gully sucking in West Sussex

    During our service, we will use a gully sucking truck which has suction gear on board. This sucks any debris, mud and wastewater that could be blocking the gully out of the drain, removing the blockage and restoring it to its functionality. Once the gully is cleaned, the debris will be taken to a disposal point in West Sussex to make sure it is disposed of safely and responsibly. We are always thorough in our services, and once the gully sucking is complete, we will follow up with a jet wash to clear the gully of any remaining dirt.

    The importance of maintaining gullies

    Ensuring that gullies are clean and free of debris and sediment is incredibly important. If steps aren’t taken to regularly tend to gullies, it can lead to a series of draining problems. This could include unpleasant smells, and their ineffective functioning. If a gully doesn’t function properly, it could mean that their intended purpose, which is to prevent flooding on the road, isn’t carried out. If this is the case, it can result in aquaplaning, making it extremely dangerous for drivers on the road. Frequent gully cleaning in West Sussex can prevent this.


    How do gullies get blocked?

    Gullies may become blocked for a number of reasons. As they are normally situated on the side of a road, there can often be dirt and debris thrown off wheels as cars drive by. There will also be a high amount of mud created within the gully when rainfall makes it move into the drain, which can create a blockage. A problem can also arise when tree roots grow into the drain and the gully, and when they continue to grow. If this happens, they can obstruct the gully and cause flooding on the road. Gully cleaning in West Sussex can ensure the roads are kept clear and the gullies operational, keeping them free of dirt and debris build-up.

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    Throughout our services in West Sussex, our customers are our main priority. Our team at Elliott Environmental Drainage Ltd are experienced, always ensuring that your gully cleaning is seamless and efficient.

    • We are available for you in emergencies, with our phone lines open 24/7. We can provide the services you need in West Sussex when you need them.
    • We have a full fleet of vehicles including our gully sucking trucks, which are available to provide a high-quality service. They are tracked, which means that we can dispatch a vehicle that is nearest to where you need us to be in West Sussex.
    • We have advanced technology to ensure services are carried out to the highest standards.
    • Our team has accumulated more than 50 years of experience, meaning that you will benefit from well-practiced methods and high-quality services. We offer cost-effective options.
    • We are ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accredited, ensuring the safety of West Sussex residents and our team. We are accredited to organisations such as FORS, SSIP, Chas, Constructionline and the SafeContractor scheme.

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